Anahita Tithiros (born 4/25/1980) is an Italian singer and composer, best known as the lead vocalist and one of the main songwriters in the Dutch symphonic metal/rock band Hydra. She has been a performing musician since the age of 14, and was a founding member of the band Hydra, along with Dutch guitarist Van Holt, in 1996. She's the younger sister of Cathetel Tithiros, the female vocalist and songwriter of the Italian Gothic Metal band, Ethereal.
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She was reported missing in 2002 with her older sister when the Church that the two served as nuns burned down. All but the sisters were found, and were named persons of interest. Although the police searched tirelessly, they couldn't find anything - not even the source of the fire. Cathetel was reportedly found five years later in the summer of 2007, and surprisingly had nothing to say about her sister other than bursting into tears. Italian officials, after the trial of Cathetel, do not believe the sisters to have been responsible for the fire. Anahita is still listed as a missing persons in Italy, and is presumed dead.

Training and vocal profileEdit

The younger of the Tithiros sisters never formally studied singing and stated in a 2001 interview that she had sung a short while in a choir and was mostly self-taught, just as Cathetel was. She used to practice alone three or four hours per day. Anahita has a mezzo-soprano range, though she has a light and lyric vocal quality for that range. Her highest note is found on the song "The Truth Beneath the Rose" (B2 flat) as well as in "Angels" and her lowest on "Empty Eyes". Though one of her highest notes was in the song "The Cross", electronic effects were used that make the notes sound higher than they were actually sung.


Together with her partner, Von Holt, Anahita formed Hydra (initially called The Portal, though the name was changed before their first recording) in 1996. She has defined their work as epic and cinematic. Her vocals play a major role in the band's sound, despite having never received formal vocal training.

Before Hydra became famous, she worked for a fashion company even as a nun, leaving after the band found success with their hit single "Ice Queen". She utilised her fashion expertise by designing her stage costumes and the band's merchandise. described Anahita as a "versatile and skilled singer who is equally adept at singing powerfully with a full orchestra and choir as she is at singing quietly and emotionally with just a piano." When asked if she prefers to sing in Dutch, Italian, or English, Tithiros said that she favours the latter because "Dutch nor just doesn't fit to our music style. It is also not the nicest language to sing in. Italian or Spanish would then be better options."
Within Temptation - Mother Earth-004:13

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After her disappearence, the band went on hiatus for a year before bringing on a new vocalist. They haven't been on tour since late 2008, and have since been working with other bands while not having any new material of their own for several years. "It's just not the same without Anahita," Von Holt told reporters. "She was the backbone of the band. Without her, there's nothing holding it together."

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